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Registration Information

Registration Update:

Hurry don't miss out!!

We have limited places available in the following age groups:

Under 15's / 14's
- Under 13's
Under 8's and Under 7's

We are also accepting Registrations for our NetSetGo program.

If you are interested in joining please contact our Registrar Sue Oliver on ph: 0419 406 004 for further information or via email


Registrations for the 2018 Winter Competition are now open. 

Please use the information below to assist with the online registration process or contact 

our Registrar (Sue Oliver) if you require assistance or further information.

Please send an email to 

Carlingford Netball Club 2018 Registration Guide

Carlingford Netball Club welcomes registrations from all returning, transferring and new players. All netball registrations are online through the MyNetball site. To assist with this process, we have created links from our website and step by step registration instructions.  Please read this guide to assist you with the online registration process.

There are 3 key new initiatives to be aware of:

1. Active Kids Program

In 2018 the NSW Government is introducing the Active Kids Program to encourage more children to undertake a sporting activity and get exercising. As part of this, a $100 voucher will be made available for every school aged child in every family, to assist with the costs associated with participation in various activities. The voucher can be redeemed towards payment of membership or fees with an approved provider registered with the Active Kids program, each calendar year.

Carlingford Netball Club are an approved provider and therefore will support the program as part of our Registration process.  Unfortunately, the Active Kids Program does not go “live” until the 31st of January and therefore poses a couple of challenges for us if our members would like to use their voucher as part of their netball registrations. There are a couple of options for our members:

1.       Option 1: Don’t use the voucher for netball registration

If you decide not to use the voucher you can register for the 2018 netball season anytime online or at our registration day on the 3rd of February. 

You cannot claim your voucher after you have already paid registration – it cannot be retrospectively applied.

You can therefore use the voucher for other activities that your child may be involved in such as swimming or dancing

2.       Option 2: Use the voucher for netball registration

If you would like to use the voucher you must wait until the 31st of January when the voucher system is available.  There are some steps to take prior to this to ensure that each child is registered on the Service NSW website.  See the following link for further information.

At the moment the MyNetball online registration site has not been uploaded with fields for the redemption of the $100 voucher.  We anticipate this will occur in the days prior to the “go live” date of the 31st of January. You must therefore register after the 31st of January and before midnight on the 3rd of February – our formal registration day, if you would like to use your voucher for netball.

2. Family Fundraising Levy

At the end of 2017 we surveyed our members to determine if families would prefer to pay an upfront fundraising levy of $20 or participate in the Club fundraising activities by selling a box of chocolates.  The majority of respondents opted for paying an upfront $20 levy.

Accordingly, we have added this levy to the online registration form, which if ticked, adds the additional amount to your registration costs. This means your family will not have to participate in any other club related fundraising such as selling chocolate boxes.

Unfortunately, the MyNetball online form does not provide a field to add the levy to the registration of any NetSetGo members (Under 7’s through to Under 10’s). Instead we have created a field that will allow you to select a preference and we will then seek a payment to be made separately at a later date, if this is your preferred option. If you have a junior, cadet or Senior player in your family, then you can select the $20 levy as part of one of these registrations.

3. Grading Day

Our Club will be holding a compulsory Grading day on Sunday 25th February, to be held at MUIRFIELD HIGH SCHOOL, NORTH ROCKS.  Please ensure you diarise this day to ensure your child’s attendance.  Upon the completion of our Registration Day, we will be notifying all players of the time of their grading to be held on the 25th

Registration Prices

 Type Age  Price
 NetSetGo Program  Ages 5 & 6  $70
 NetSetGo Competition - Friday night  Under 7,8,9  $215
 NetSetGo Competition - Saturday morning  Under 10's  $215
 Junior Competition - Saturday morning  Under 11 - 15  $215
 Cadet Competition - Saturday afternoon  Under 16 - 18  $235
 Senior Competition - Saturday afternoon  18+  $235

Registration Types



Game Day

NetSetGo – “Net”

10 week Program: 5-7yrs Activity/Skills

Wednesday afternoon program

NetSetGo – “Set”

Competition: U7-U9yrs (training and game)

Friday evening netball competition

NetSetGo – “Go”

Competition: U9/U10yrs (training and game)

Saturday morning netball competition

Junior Registration

U11-U15 players

Saturday morning netball competition

Cadet Registration

U16-U18 players

Saturday netball competition

Senior Registration


Saturday afternoon competition

Explanation of Registration Types

NetSetGo Registration

Is divided into 3 categories for you to choose from depending on the age and experience of your child:

  1. A NetSetGo Program which is a 10 week introductory skills program for 5 and 6 year olds.  It is held at our Club Training courts at Don Moore Reserve, Tiernan Ave North Rocks. This is listed as “Net - Activity/Skills” on the online registration
  2. NetSetGo Competition: Under 7-9yrs is the first stage of playing netball and is played on a Friday evening at Pennant Hills Netball Park with team training held during the week. This is listed as “Set - Skills/Competition” on the online registration.
  3. NetSetGo Competition: Under 10 years (players turning 10 that calendar year or possibly turning 9 if they are playing up an age group) is the start of competitive netball and is played on a Saturday morning at Pennant Hills Park with team training held during the week. This is listed as “Go – Competition” on the online registration.

Junior Registration

  • This is for players from Under 11 – Under 15 years and is competitive netball held on a Saturday morning at Pennant Hills Park with team training held during the week.

Cadet Registration

  • Cadet grades are for players turning 16, 17 and 18 years on or before the 31st December of their playing year. However, five (5) players only who turn 15 years on or before the 31st December will be allowable in a team, providing these players are of equal or similar standard to the other registered players in the team.

Senior Registration

  • A player must be over 16 years of age to participate in a Senior Team.  Our Club will register full teams or will allocate individual players to teams based on experience.


i.  A player's age on 31 December in any year will determine their age group. If you would like your child to                          play with their year group rather than their age group, please list this in the Special Requests field.

ii. Please ensure you register for the age they are turning in 2018.

    Additional Registration Information

    Proof of Age

    Proof of Age is required for all NetSetGo and Junior players who have not previously registered with Netball NSW. No new player is able to take the court before proof of age is verified.  All new players must supply Carlingford Netball Club with a certified copy of their Birth Certificate or Passport at Registration – this is a photocopy certified by a JP. 

    Note: A JP will be available on Registration day – Saturday 3rd February to certify documentation or alternatively this service is also available at North Rocks Shopping Centre and Carlingford Library.

    Refund Policy

    If a registered player cannot be placed into a team, a full refund of registration fees will be given.  However, if a position on a team is allocated, no refunds can be given unless there are exceptional circumstances (eg. Doctors certificate, moving out of area etc). Please note that this will be at the discretion of the Club Executive Committee and a $20 administration fee may be charged. Once monies have been forwarded to Netball NSW no refunds can be given.

    Payment options

    As it is mandatory for our Club to use this new online system, we only have the option of credit card payment when completing registration.

    There is a $0.31c processing fee and 1.78% credit card surcharge with on-line payments – this is a fee charged by Netball NSW for using their online registration system.

    Registration Day

    Our Club will be hosting a Registration Day on Saturday 3rd February from 10am to 2pm at Murray Farm Public School Hall. This is to assist with online registrations, new registrations, and have uniforms available for purchase and/or order. A JP will also be available on the day to certify proof of age documentation – originals must be provided.


    Click here to go to our Uniform page UNIFORMS

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